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A Tragic Loss for Truro | Maureen Burgess, Select Board Member, Dies Unexpectedly

The Town of Truro as a whole and so many of the family, friends, and colleagues who knew loved, and respected Maureen Burgess mourn her passing on Nov 12, 2019.

Maureen was a rare soul – gifted with intelligence, grace and humility, she worked diligently for our community without fanfare or ego. And she literally was on the job until her last moments.

Maureen served on many local, regional and federal committees before and while she served as a member of Truro’s Select Board. She was first elected in 2014, renewed for a three-year term in 2017 and had just decided to run again for another term on the Select Board.

Maureen’s service to our town was marked by a decency, kindness and diligence that were truly remarkable. She made sure to keep an open mind, take the time needed to get the facts, listen and reflect on the views of all who approached her, and make thoughtful recommendations and decisions. She viewed Truro as one community and made it real in her dealings, giving year-rounders, part-timers and seasonal visitors her full consideration.

In her own quiet way, Maureen was funny, droll and irreverent. You’d have to listen to get that – but it was always worth the wait.

Truro has lost a true neighbor – a friend who gave her best, helped without fail, and cared about the well-being of folks in our town. She will be sorely missed.

To her family and friends who have lost her personally, we say thank you for sharing Maureen with us and offer our genuine condolences for your loss.