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TPRTA is committed to provide essential information from a taxpayers’ perspective that is accurate, efficient and timely and that all members of the Truro community can enjoy and rely upon with confidence.

TPRTA Newsletters are published twice a year and mailed to all TPRTA members as well as many others who have requested to be added to the TPRTA mailing list.

Occasionally, we send E-mail Updates on issues and information that are time-sensitive, that may warrant taxpayer action, or that we have been asked to share by local and other officials and bodies.  We do not clutter your inbox with unnecessary communications, but will always keep you informed of important news and information year round.

If you would like to be added to our Newsletter and Email Updates lists, please send an email to tprta@tprta.org and provide your name, preferred off-season mailing address, Truro address  and email address.

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The current newsletter as well as previously published newsletters are also available here.

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