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Good Neighbor | Truro – About Volunteering

The process of volunteering and helping out is straightforward as described below.

Why Volunteer?

Please know that by volunteering for GN|T, you are providing an invaluable service to those in the Truro community who are at greater risk for COVID-19. Our help is saving lives.  Our elders, our stressed working families  and our service providers need and appreciate our help greatly.  We also make it possible for folks to stay gainfully employed at the work they do best while we deliver the fruits of their labors.

What We Ask of Volunteers

Volunteers provide free pickup and delivery of mail and of prepared, packaged and pre-paid food and other essential items on weekdays and at other times by special request.  We pickup in Truro, Provincetown and Wellfleet – and at Orleans markets – and deliver to folks in Truro who cannot or should not leave home in the COVID-19 crisis.  This will be available weekdays and at other times by special request.   Volunteers will decide which requests they wish to accept and fulfill.

How to Volunteer –  A One Click Process

  • To start, we ask volunteers to REGISTER using the GN|T Volunteer form here.  We ask for basic information only in order to ensure volunteers live in Truro  and that we can contact volunteers about requests and stay in touch to facilitate completion.  If there is a problem with your form, our Volunteer Coordinator, Anne, will contact you directly to get you set up.
  • Once you have registered, you will receive a confirming email welcoming you.  We will set up a user account for you within 12vhours.  When that is set up, you will have login credentials and these will be sent to you in an email from “Word Press” – –  check your junk/spam folders within 10 minutes of submitting your registration!  You can change your password if you want at that point.  Make a safe record of your credentials.
  • Go to the link provided in the email to see you account.  You will also be able to View All Requests submitted that are still open.  Accept the request(s) you choose to fulfill.  You will then see the REQUEST detail for each that you have accepted.
  • You will also see at the bottom of that detail page an electronic ID verifying you are authorized to make this pick-up.  It is easy to  keep this page open on your phone while fulfilling the request in case you are asked.
  • When completed, please go to the REQUEST page and click [Complete Request]
  • A request coordinator – Richard or Regan –  may also contact you directly via  text or email about availability to accept a special request.   Please respond soonest, either yea or nay.
  • If you have any questions during this process, email goodneighbortruro@gmail.com. We will respond soon.

We need all kinds of help

Our primary service to the Truro community is for pickup and deliveries of essentials.  There is also a need  for other types of back-up support and help as well.  If you cannot help with deliveries but can give other kinds of help, please let us know on the  Registration form. We can put your assistance to go use!

How GN | T Works –  Making a Match

Once you are registered and can login to your GN|T account, you will be able to “Accept” requests.  You can login anytime to see these requests and accept and fulfill as many requests as you wish. Some requests will be made in advance, giving ample time to make time for the pick-up and delivery.

GN|T will also match individual volunteers with special requests as we receive them.  Our  Request  Coordinators –  Richard and Regan – may contact volunteers by email or text asking about availability to fulfill a special request.

Once you accept a request, you will see specific details and find confirmation that you are authorized to make this pick-up and delivery for the requestor.

No money will pass through any volunteer’s hands – in cash or plastic. All orders are pre-paid by the requestor. There is no fee for this service.  

Staying Safe During COVID-19

Your safety is as important as the safety of our neighbors.  If you are unable or unwilling to fulfill requests for any reason, simply do not accept any unless and until you are.

There is no direct contact with people in this process. This keeps the volunteers, service staff, and requestors safe.

Volunteers should follow COVID-safe practices.  To keep up to date on recommended practices, please check out this link on the Truro Town website.

All packages will be properly organized for pickup by the venue fulfilling the order.  All drop-offs will be made at a specific place on the requestor’s property, usually a front or side door.  The volunteer will be asked to confirm that someone in the house has acknowledged the drop off  so no packages are abandoned on a door step ( good for raccoons, maybe, but not for people!)

Once the delivery has been acknowledged, we ask the Volunteer to click the COMPLETE REQUEST button on the Request so the Request Coordinator will know the delivery has been completed.  Pretty easy!

You can learn more about Good Neighbor | Truro here.

With your help, our community will rise to this moment and take care of each other.  Thank you!