P.O. Box 324
Truro MA, 02666

Good Neighbor | Truro – How to Make a Request

For our neighbors in Truro who can not or should not leave their homes, we will respond to requests to provide free pickup and delivery of mail and of prepared, packaged and pre-paid food and other essential items on weekdays and at other times by special request.

Folks who need this help can make requests online, but for those who do not use computers we can take requests by phone.  This service is free.

The Process is Simple

Place your order with a local restaurant, market or store

    • Pay for the order either online or on the phone
    • Make sure to get pickup date and time
    • Makes sure the package(s) will have your name on them

Make Your  Request

  • To start, register with GN | T by using this Request form here.  The form asks only for information needed to successfully deliver your order. It also allows you to give special instructions, if needed.
  • Place pickup/delivery request with GN-T
      • If you are a computer person go tprta.org then go to the Good Neighbor Menu/select “Make a Request” and fill in the details
      • If you are not a computer person, please call one of these people and they will get your request into our system.  Eric (732) 236-7046    |   Nancy (312) 961-0900   |    Susan (617) 458-9035
  • The Request Form is EASY.  Make sure to enter the name or location  of the market or restaurant as the “pickup address”  and to use your address as the delivery address.  Include your phone number so we can call or text on the way.   Click SUBMIT and we will take it from there.
  • First time registration will result in an email from “WordPress” to you confirming your registration and sending your login credentials. (Please check your spam/junk folders if you do not see this in your Inbox withing 10 minutes of registering.) At this point you can change your password if you wish.  In subsequent requests, these login credentials will shorten the request process.  If there is a problem with your request or login, one of our Request Coordinators  will contact you to get you set up.
  • Once a request has been submitted,  an available volunteer will accept the request.   You will receive an email that a volunteer has accepted the request. If any details are unclear you will receive a call to get the correct information.
  • When the delivery is made, you will hear a knock or see a text that tells you the order has been delivered.

This service is “contactless” – that is, there will be no direct contact between you and the volunteer.  They will be practicing COVID-19 safety precautions and expect you will also. We will ask you to acknowledge by waving, blinking a light or some other means to signal that you know the package has been delivered.

 Helpful Information

  • Make sure the market, store or restaurant is open, allows curbside pickups, and accepts credit card payments online or over the phone.  We have a current list of places that are open for this type of business and will update this list regularly.
  • Check to see if the venue delivers –  it may be faster.  We will pick up iif you submit a request.
  • Pre-pay for your order (including tip, if appropriate).  GN | T Volunteers will not go inside or handle financial transactions for you.  Unfortunately, we cannot pick up at places that do not accept pre-payment.
  • Order well in advance.  GN | T will need at least two hours notice, but we urge you to order as early as possible. Businesses appreciate the notice and can plan and prepare better.
  • Ask for a specific time your order will be ready and put that info in your request as well.  Some venues require you to order a day to a week in advance.  Please respect their practices.
  • Plan for weekend needs by ordering on Thursday or Friday for the entire weekend.  We do not operate on Saturday or Sunday except by special request mae in advance.

After You Make a Request

Once you have placed your request, you will get a confirmation that the request has been accepted by a volunteer or will get a call requesting clarification of the request. After that, it is in the hands of the business venue.  Your volunteer will get your items to you as soon as possible.

If you run into a snag, please email goodneighbortruro@gmail.com  and we will try to address your concern asap.

Thank you!