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PB House Size Cap Amendment Moves Forward – Update

Truro’s Planning Board held an informational meeting on January 25 at the Truro Library on the draft zoning bylaw amendment to introduce a house size cap in Truro’s Seashore District.   A healthy turnout of 60 people, including half a dozen town officials, confirmed the high interest in this proposal.  The PB made a short presentation on the original purpose and intent of the CCNS regulations, including its aim to limit the scale and massing of private residences and tied this to the nuts and bolts of the proposed Seashore District bylaw amendment. There were many questions from the floor but only one suggestion for a wording change. Questions focused mainly on four topics: similar amendments passed by voters in Wellfleet and Eastham, where both Towns passed more restrictive zoning bylaws than Truro is considering;  how this amendment  would increase or reduce the need for the Special Permit process in the Seashore district; the method of measuring gross square footage; and whether a such a bylaw  should apply town wide. From the comments of those present, which represented a diverse range of views,  there is clear momentum for passing the proposed amendment concerning the Seashore District only. A Public Hearing will be held on Tuesday, February 21 at 6 PM in Town Hall. PLEASE ATTEND IF YOU CAN! The Town Warrant closes on March 14, at which time the final version of this amendment will be officially posted.  For more information we also refer you to a Cape Cod Times article issued on February 9.