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Peak Time | Truro and P’town PRTA’s Interviewed on “RTE: Taxation Without Representation?”

Jack Peak, host of a local vimeo-based news show on the Outer Cape, interviewed Regan McCarthy, Past President (and current Board officer)  of TPRTA   and Steve Fossella, President of the Provincetown PRTA on a show he described like this:

Hello Friends:
Provincetown, Truro and Wellfleet Select-boards implemented a Tax Exemption of 20-25% for full time residents. Part Time Resident Taxpayer Association members are upset. They feel it is unfair and divisive. Are they right? What are their issues? What do they plan to do about it? Regan McCarthy, TPRTA Representative and Steve Fossella, President, PPRTA state their case. Check it out. Click on the link to view. Your comments are welcome. –  Jack Peak
So,  here it is!