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Here When You Can’t Be | Renew Your TPRTA Membership 2019

 TPRTA is here when you can’t be. 
We encourage all taxpayers to express their own point of view to the Town directly.  But when you’re not here, we are here – all year long, expressing the collective voice of part-time resident taxpayers.
We listen carefully to what part-timers’ interests, concerns,  and needs are.  We reflect the full range of these views accurately and faithfully all year round. We actively participate on committees, attend Town and community meetings, monitor activities and plans, offer expert opinion on key proposals, and more…..
Fall and Winter Are Busy Times in Truro for Town Issues. While many part0timers may not be here, life in Truro – and especially, Town government – goes on. This is a good thing, but it also requires we be active and cooperative as well as firm and fair in ensuring our interests are known and served, too.
Here’s why: As we enter 2019, major initiatives underway could profoundly affect part-time resident taxpayers, such as: 
  • Short-Term Rental Tax
  • Potential Town-wide zoning bylaw changes
  • Waste water management planning and implementation
  • Nature and scope of taxpayer-supported affordable housing in Truro and the region
  • Beach parking, safety and access issues
  • Shark control and water safety
  • Continuing issues related to the RTE
  • Implications of legalized farming and sale of marijuana in Truro
  • …..and more
We need strong, informed membership behind us and in the forefront as we address these issues. 
So, please renew your TPRTA Membership  for 2019.
It’s simple:  either  renew online by clicking the MEMBERSHIP button here (also found on the upper right side of the TPRTA website) or print and mail a downloadable membership form if you prefer to renew and pay dues by check.
Please make sure to provide your name, Truro address and your email address(es), if you use email.  We certainly do! It is the main way we stay in touch with part-timers throughout the year.
We always look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please email us at tprta@tprta.org.
Thank You!