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TPRTA Affirms Message of One Community | Opposes Residential Tax Exemption | Offers Constructive Alternatives

TPRTA members voted overwhelmingly to oppose the proposed residential tax exemption, receiving views that reflect part-time residents desire to ensure tax hardship does not occur in Truro for any property owner and  to propose constructive alternatives.  They also voted to make sure we understand the enabling legislation, how that law is intended, whether it applies to Truro ‘s unique circumstances, and how it should be implemented.

Truro is one community that has benefited from a single rate taxpayer system that has served resident and businesses in Truro well.  Any proposals to change this system merit serious consideration and participation by the entire community. TPRTA is concerned that the RTE will be adopted without the needed data to justify it or time to consider its long-term and community-wide effects.

All residential property owners are neighbors. Like our full-time resident neighbors, part-time residents have deep roots in Truro and a deep love for Truro. We show this through our loyalty to Truro businesses, tradespeople and professionals, shops and restaurants; in our generosity to local cultural and charitable organizations; and in our public service to the Town and our volunteer service to local groups. We are neighbors, not tourists.

On this proposed RTE, TPRTA has positive and constructive alternatives to present for consideration by the Selectmen and the entire community. These alternatives will:

  • Give Truro a way to grant additional tax relief to those who may need it
  • NOT shift additional tax burdens onto part-time resident taxpayers
  • Ensure this community stays in harmony on taxes and related matters, consistent with the longstanding practices and traditions of Truro.

Absent adoption of some or all of these alternatives, we must oppose the proposed RTE, which part-time resident taxpayers have overwhelmingly opposed, and that many full-time residents also view as unfair, unnecessary, unjustified and perhaps most important of all – corrosive and divisive to this community, if adopted.

We have taken and will continue to take steps to engage Town leaders in conversations about the proposed RTE, to hear their perspective and to convey ours with the aim of finding a common workable solution to their stated needs.

We have submitted constructive alternatives (see RTE alternatives_ statement to BoS) based upon existing opportunities that will benefit the community and look forward to discussing them with Town officials before they vote on this matter in the coming weeks.