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TPRTA Survey Results | Love the Town, Not So Much the Taxes

In September 2018, TPRTA asked part-time resident taxpayers to complete a survey covering current issues of interest and concern in four main areas: tax issues, new bylaws (focusing on draft cannabis articles), voting, and priority issues facing Truro.

You can read the full survey results here.

Response was robust and reflects the views of 532 part-time resident taxpayers as of Sept 17, 2018 when the survey was closed. Overall, the survey shows that part-timers spend a good amount of time in Truro, averaging 4 months + a year.  This also explains why part-timers are well informed in general about key issues affecting Town and deeply concerned about the well-being of the entire community. 

On cannabis by-laws in draft, part-timers generally tracked full-timers’ sentiments on the proposed Cannabis bylaws –  supporting the endeavor with reasonable limits imposed on location of retails sales and control of adverse impacts on residential areas.

On taxes, part-timers continue to strongly oppose the RTE, and want to seek relief at the State level if possible, with a change in the enabling legislation.    We also suggested that an excise tax on retail sales of cannabis, if adopted, be applied to replace and rescind the 5C RTE.

A substantial majority of part-timers support having a vote, with 2/3 of those who are not registered to vote in Truro saying they would consider registering to vote here if eligible.

Portions of the survey data and results were presented on September 20th to the Board of Selectmen on the 5C RTE for the tax classification hearing in late September, and separately to the Planning Board on proposed Cannabis regulations.