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Truro Adopts House Size Restrictions in Seashore District

In a major victory for those who wish to preserve the Seashore as both a wonder of nature and a major economic engine of the Town, Truro voters overwhelmingly supported putting generous but firm limits on house sizes within the Seashore District at ATM on April 25.  By right, property owners may have houses up to 3,600 sf, with proportional additions capped at an absolute max of 6,000 sf, pursuant to special permit if approved by the ZBA.

Existing structures over these sizes will be grandfathered and smaller houses now existing within the Seashore can expand to these limits if desired.

These limits do not apply to the Town District, and it remains an open issue as to whether voters will want limits in the Town district.  Perhaps the experience in the Seashore will inform that process.

More details will be found in our upcoming newsletter later this month.