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Truro Wins Again | Town Approves Key Ballot Items, Work Can Proceed

Truro Voted in large numbers yesterday, solidifying earlier votes at STM and ATM on may 4-5, 2024.  In total, 484 persons voted in person and by early voting, reflecting about 25% of the total votes through early voting

Here are the results: Winning majorities in BOLD

                                               YES       NO    Blank   TOTAL

Q1 (HVAC)                        416       66          2             484

Q2 (DPW- THH)           384       97          3             484

Q3 (HR Coord.)            224       256       4             484

Q4 (Mill Pond)                408       73          3             484



  • Q1 – HVAC at Truro Central School –  the work can start ASAP.
  • Q2 – The DPW engineering/design (pre-construction) costs are funded fully up to $2.8 million cap. Specific steps and terms are set by this vote as well.
  • Q3 – Human Resources Coordinator –  failed at the ballot box.  The Town may not raise additional new funds through taxation to pay for this position.
  • Q4 – Mill Pond Basin and Salt March Restoration –  the project can now proceed with authorization of up to $1.5 million.

The biggest impact –  confirming voting really matters.