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Vote for STM/ATM | Voters clear on DPW Walsh, Sandpit, more

After a contentious season getting to an actual Special Town Meeting (STM) and Annual Town Meeting (ATM), the voters were clear and strong in expressing their views.

No go on DPW at 340 Route 6 | Yes at Town Hall Hill

In six different votes, the DPW at 340 Route 6 was defeated clearly  and the voters preference for Town hall Hill was affirmed.    At STM,  Articles 2-4,  concerned the DPW –  the change off use was denied, as were the two money articles for it at that site. These articles are binding.  Article 14, a non-binding article to place the DPW at Town Hall Hill, also overwhelmingly passed.  At STM, a radical amendment to a $28.3 million  effort to double down on the land use rejection at 340 Route 6  was modified to limit spending to an engineering plan capped at $2.8 million.  This article requires it to be done in stages with a schematic first, then if approved, a full engineering pre-contrustruction plan to follow.  340 Route 6 was excluded specifically from this article.

Walsh Development Advances | Other Attainable Housing Added to Pipeline,  Too

The STM Article on Walsh passed as a non-binding recommendation for 160 units.  The Re-stablishment of a new Walsh Committee was approved as well.  This will continue to be subject to poultice discussion as recommendations.

In addition, voters approved acquiring the Truro Motor Inn on terms to be finalized.  That will add up to 37 affordable units; and voters approved  allowing 12 non-conforming small lots to be used for singles or duplexes for affordable housing.  Added to the Cloverleaf’s current 43 units, this puts 252 affordable units potentially into the pipeline as of this meeting.  

Senior Pass – for transfer station / beach sticker preferment

Three versions were approved  by the voters – the Select Board will have to reconcile and act on this matter.

Mill Pond Culvert /Marsh Restoration passed

Noon’s Sandpit acquisition at $6M rejected

Other Notes:

Significant pushback on the budget, which passed with minor reductions but was subject to considerable discussion for the first time.

Something for Everybody –  Citizens clearly won in these meetings, and the interests of the diverse interests were achieved as well.