P.O. Box 324
Truro MA, 02666

Good Neighbor | Truro Starts Community-Wide on April 7

Many individuals and organizations operated by Truro-ites have joined together to help those in Truro who cannot leave their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic. GN | T is a community “volunteer corps.” Together, we have started an initiative we hoped no one would ever need: Good Neighbor | Truro

For those who need help, this service offers free pickup and delivery of mail and of prepared, packaged and pre-paid food and other essential items on weekdays and at other times by special request.  Folks can make requests and can volunteer online, by email and phone.

The following slides provide info about GNT, how to volunteer, how to make a request, and which businesses are open for pickup using COVID-safe practices.  Please see the sliders and posts that follow for more information.   Thank you.