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Good Neighbor | Truro Brings Community Together in Face of COVID-19


Many individuals and organizations operated by Truro-ites have joined together to help those in Truro who cannot or should not leave their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Together, we have started an initiative that offers free pickup and delivery of mail and of prepared, packaged and pre-paid food and other essential items on weekdays and at other times by special request.  Folks who need this help can make requests online, by email and phone.  Volunteers can register online.

Food security is foremost | Other needs count, too

Our primary concern is food security – to make sure that folks in Truro have access to prepared and/or packaged foods from COVID-safe local markets, local community kitchens and restaurants.  Good Neighbor | Truro volunteers do pickups in Provincetown, Truro and Wellfleet – and from Orleans markets – that offer payment by credit card online or by phone, and that arrange for safe “contactless” curbside pick-up.  We will drop off at homes in the same way –  safely and with no direct physical contact.   The orders need to be placed and pre-paid by the requestor, but we can help after that.

We will also do mail pickup from Truro post offices because so many folks get essential goods and important documents through USPS.  We will also do pick-ups for household items from dry goods providers,  hardware stores and other businesses to help meet other essential needs of daily life that arise.  Mail pickup requires additional steps to comply with USPS requirements, and we can help with those, too.

We invite all who can help, to help.

We need healthy folks of any age who follow COVID-safe care practices, who can drive their own cars, who are willing to help their neighbors in this crisis, and who can spare a few hours a week.  Our small community already has many who need assistance at this time –  and that need will grow in the coming weeks. The more volunteers we have, the more we can accomplish to keep COVID-19 at bay.

 Volunteer now

You can volunteer using this form.  It is fast and easy!  

For additional information on how volunteers can help through GN-T and what’s involved, please learn more at this link.

Make a Request –  It’s Free and It’s Safe!

To make requests for free pick-up and drop off of mail, food or other essential items, use this form here.

For additional information on how to make a request, please learn more at this link.

There is no direct physical contact with people in this process.   This keeps the volunteers, restaurant/food service staff, and the requestor safe.

Who We Are

GNT is a community collaboration made possible by many folks:  Jan Worthington, Truro Select Board Chair and Rae Ann Palmer, Town Manager offered encouragement to Regan McCarthy and Jennifer Cohen to build on their personal interest in helping out, who then conceived of this community response to COVID-19.  The members of OneTruro actively shaped the project and enthusiastically help still.  TPRTA (Truro Part-Time Resident Taxpayers Association) offered to host the digital portal for GNT, which was developed pro-bono by Songmasters (McCarthy and Cohen’s company).

GNT is now run and made possible by more than 25 community members who handle volunteer and request coordination, deliveries and pick-ups and more.

Regan McCarthy and Anne Greenbaum oversee GNT, and folks like Sam Boleyn, Barbara Bond, Bonnie Brown-Bonse, Diane Costa, Ron Fichtner, Bill Golden, Cathy Haynes, Susan Howe, Bob Montano, Eric and Deb Parker, Francie Randolph, Stephanie Rein, Kristen Roberts, Jon Slater and many more have given good advice,  elbow grease, and other help. South Hollow Spirits, Sustainable CAPE and Songmasters are giving real support. We hope more will come!  We are grateful to be coordinating with Truro COA, Truro Library, Truro Community Kitchen and other local groups.

Contact us at goodneighbortruro@gmail.com with questions or suggestions.

We are Good Neighbor | Truro.