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Keep Track of Shark Sightings – Sharktivity App

Two beaches in Truro were temporarily closed due to shark sightings recently, aided in part by crowd-sourced info available through the Sharktivity app developed by the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy in collaboration with MA Division of Marine Fisheries and the CCNS. Wellfleet and Eastham also had similar beach closings as well, aided by Shartivity.

This app is primarily a research tool. But through it you can:

  • Use the app to view shark sightings and detections
  • Receive “push notifications” of confirmed sightings at public beaches
  • Report your own shark sightings

The Sharktivity app is not infallible and is only as good as the data it receives from researchers, safety officials, and users like us that upload photos for confirmation. As the app download site says:

This app is not an early detection system.

It does not contain or constitute, and should not be interpreted as advice as to what beaches or parts of water are safe.

The only way to completely rule out a close encounter with a shark is to stay on shore.

You can help by reporting shark sightings – it requires photo confirmation, so be ready to upload photos for confirmation. The app aims to effectively crowd-source critical data points on where sharks are spotted so as to reduce encounters and promote safety. For data wonks, info on sharks with acoustic tags and Smart Position and Temperature Tags (SPOT) are also available on the App.

Enjoy Truro’s beautiful beaches while staying aware and safe!