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Planning Board Recommends Town-Wide House Size Cap Article for Fall Special ATM | Cannabis Articles Delayed

After a lengthy process and nearly year-long ongoing citizen-led education campaign on the benefits of a generous house size cap town-wide, the Planning Board concluded its August 22 public hearing with a version of the article it recommends for inclusion in the fall Town Warrant.  The Special ATM is scheduled for September 26, 2018.  Mark your calendars!

A fact sheet on the final version can be found here.  The final recommended wording of the article will shortly be posted by the Town as part of the Fall Town Warrant.

At the same time, the proposed cannabis articles to regulate the growing and selling of recreational and medical marijuana in Truro will continue to be discussed and developed for the Spring ATM.  These articles are complex and have many issues that need attention in order to ensure that local growers will have supportive regulations that benefit their businesses, the Town and residential properties in Truro.