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Residential House Size Cap ByLaw | Text As Approved by Voters

Truro made history on November 13 by passing two unprecendented bylaws:  one extends a house size cap in effect since 2017 in the Seashore District  and applied similar standards to residential properties in Residential Districts of Truro. The second  regulates the cultivation, production and sale of recreational and medical marijuana in Truro.

The details on the Residential District | House  Size Cap can be found here.  A separate post will cover the cannabis articles when all the amendements are properly recorded in Town records.

The final text that voters overwhelmingly adopted on the House Size Cap Bylaw at  Special Town Meeting on November 13, 2018 can be found here.  The only amendment, to change the effective date to the date of Special Town Meeting, is noted and highlighted in yellow.

A “plain English” flyer telling what this means can be read here.  The details of how it will be applied can be found on page 2 of the flyer.

TPRTA has worked for many years and through many iterations of efforts to have these house size cap bylaws adopted.  Part-time resident taxpayers supported this effort overwhelmingly and their financial contributions made it possible to conduct key educational and information programs in both 2017 and 2018 to inform officials, voters, property owners and others about this possibility. With the sustaineded efforts of the Planning Board and the hard work two community groups combining full- and part-timers  –  Save Truro’s Seashore in 2017  and OneTruro in 2018 –  TPRTA was able to assist in practical and effective ways to ensure the best possible groundwork was laid for the adoption of these bylaws.

Now, Truro will have generous, reasonable and enforceable limits on house size town-wide that will sustain our rural character and beauty and add to housing stock that will strengthen the opportunities in Truro for the benefit of all.