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Town Adopts 5C RTE for FY 2019 | Majority of Property Owners Strongly Oppose

The Truro Select Board held  an annual Tax Classification Hearing for FY 2019 as a part of a Regular Meeting  on Sept. 25, 2018 at the Town Hall.   The SB voted 5 to 0 to impose the 5C Residential Tax Exemption at the rate of 20%  and to simultaneously approve at single rate tax class for all taxable properties in Truro, notwithstanding that this RTE creates three different bases of tax payment for residential and commercial properties.
Selectboard members expressed their views –  and votes –  on the 5C RTE at a “work session” on September 11, well ahead of the hearing on September 25.  The “work session” – while open to the public –  is not recorded and the public is not allowed to make comments of any kind at such meetings.  The Tax Classification Meeting two weeks later essentially became post-hoc commentary – since the Selectboard had already decided the matter on September 11.
The Selectboard heard comments –  mostly in opposition – about the RTE from part-time and full time residents with some support for continuation from full-time residents.
TPRTA presented the results of its survey questions related to the 5C RTE   expressing overwhelming and strong support to rescind the RTE for FY 2019.  Comments challenging  a recently issued report by the Town rejecting alternatives that TPRTA had proposed in June 2017 were partially heard at this meeting.