P.O. Box 324
Truro MA, 02666


Chief Lundborn has asked us to pass on a few requests and some information of interest.  First, house numbering remains an ongoing request.  Please make sure you have house numbers visible and up at your houses.  This aids emergency response all year long.  Second, the PD is asking all non-resident property owners to identify a local year round contact  –  a neighbor, caretaker, property manager or another contact —   who will serve as a local contact in case of an emergency offseason while houses are vacant.  The name and contact info of this person can be registered securely with the Truro PD.   Alternatively, or as well, you can consider installing a “lockbox”  with a secure combination for access which is also securely and privately registered with the Truro PD.  This is especially helpful for older persons, disabled persons, or folks who spend a lot of time in Truro by themselves. Lockboxes are available from the Truro Police Association.  For more info on all items and more, please check out the Truro PD website at www.truropolice.org.