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Truro Forum on Protecting the Seashore District

At our Annual Meeting on July 2, members of the Planning Board sought members’ views on a proposed article to limit house size within the CCNS in Truro. Members overwhelmingly supported the idea.   At that time the Selectman in attendance suggested a community meeting in August might further the conversation.  On Monday, August 8th,  the Planning Board and the Selectmen held a joint meeting and open forum to discuss a proposal to limit house size inside the Seashore District of Truro. the hearing was well attended, mostly by owners of property within the Seashore.  The forum included remarks by Lauren Kean of the NPS  and by Lisa Tobia, Chair of the Planning Board.   After many comments from the public and energetic discussion, a participant requested that a straw poll be taken, and two questions were asked:
Do you support limiting house size within the Seashore District of Truro?
Do you support limiting house size within the Town District of Truro?
The answer to both questions was overwhelmingly “Yes!” 
Another public hearing on this topic will be held on October, and like this one will be open to all property owners in Truro. There may be additional public hearings as well. The hope and intention is to develop an article that will be supported by the voters at ATM 2017 next April.   If you want to learn more about this matter, this website may be of interest:  http://www.savetruroseashore.org/
Also, keep your eyes peeled for the premiere screening in Truro of the film, One Big House, about the truly human experience of Chilmark’s residents on Martha’s Vineyard in dealing with all facets of the house size issue.  This is tentatively scheduled to be screened on Truro Treasures Weekend.   Details to follow.