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Truro & Safe Drinking Water | Important BoH Meeting | Dec 1

Consider attending the next Board of Health meeting about safe drinking water standards  The topic is important to every Truro resident.

Board of Health |  Dec 1, 2020 | 4:30 PM  [agenda here]

Here’s why:

Safe drinking water is an essential necessity and right for all Truro residents.

Recently, as a result of two unrelated actions, discussion of new and safer clean water standards in Truro have met on the Board of Health agenda for Dec 1, 2020  at 5:30 PM.  Details on login to view and/or participate are at the end of this message

  • As noted in our post of Sept 14, a group of doctors, scientist and health professionals issued a peer review report on the relationship between nitrate contamination in drinking water  and serious concern an non-cancer health effects.  They bottom line:  This report can be found here.  If you have limited time read the first 2 pages –  an Executive Summary that makes a concise wake-up call.  The DOCS will present at the BoH meeting on December 1.  The bottom line:

As more research is conducted, increasing evidence of harmful effects of nitrate concentrations on human health are found at lower and lower levels of concentration; the arc of lower threshold levels has been consistent for more than 25 years, finding significant health consequences at and below nitrate concentrations of 5 mg/L. As this is well below current EPA and Truro Board of Health standards, this research warrants consideration and possible revision as a pressing local matter. In addition, it is becoming more evident that nitrates serve as a marker for human activity, and human activity is the source of other harmful organic and chemical contaminants

  • More recently, residents of the Pond Village Watershed have gathered evidence and support for raising questions about the sewage treatment facility proposed for the Cloverleaf property.  The developer has reported this system will produce 10 Mg/L in 2.8 million gallonss of annual discharge –  double the level science say is the maximum contamination level possible for human health  (5mg/L).  The PV residents live  down-gradient of this facility and contend that they will suffer from persistent nitrate contamination in their groundwater for the life of the project  –  estimated at 100 years.   They will present at the BoH meeting as well.   The Pond Villagers are requesting that the BoH revise Truro’s nitrate standards to 5 mg/L and recommend that the ZBA issue no waivers until these standards are officially established.
  • To view the meeting as an observer go to the Truro website and under Helpful Links find Truro TV Channel 18. Open that button, then click on the green “Watch” button in the upper right of Truro TV page. You can provide comment using this method by  calling toll free to 1-866-899-4679 // access code 916-192-109.
    To view and participate as a named participant, click https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/916192109

The  ZBA is also hearing on this data and perspective on  Dec. 3, 2020 | 5:30 PM.  Details will be posted when available.