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BoS Unanimously  Accepts Police Chief Resignation; appoints Acting Chief to Full Position

 This evening, the Truro BoS voted 4-0  to accept John Lundborn’s resignation from the position of Police Chief,  effective immediately,  and to appoint Kyle Takakjian as Police Chief, pending successful conclusion of contract negotiations.  Mr. Lundborn will receive all that he is entitled to by law  (e.g., whatever pension rights he has, unused sick/vacation time)  but nothing in addition.   The Town will not be involved in future legal matters which Mr. Lundborn may have to address independently.  It is not anticipated that any contractual matters will delay the appointment of Acting Chief Takakjian to the full post imminently.  We are fortunate to have a qualified candidate for the position, already fully vetted, in whom the Truro PD and the community have great trust and for whom they have great respect.  We give our good will and best wishes to the Truro PD and to its new Chief for a successful transition and future.