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Cape Cod Representatives Call for Insurance Reform

Cape Cod homeowners have been subject to unreasonably high and unwarranted homeowners insurance costs based upon hurricane modeling for the southern coastal regions of the US.  Finally, as a result of hard work of Paula Aschettino and other citizens, and prompted by Hurricane Irene, these disparities are now resulting in calls for reform for local homeowners insurance.  Our Rep. Sarah Peake is leading the charge:   “If you were to look at the average homeowner’s premium in the Berkshires, which sustained more damage (during Hurricane Irene), versus the homeowner’s premium for a similarly valued house on Cape Cod, people probably pay twice as much on Cape Cod as they do in the Berkshires,” Peake said.  TNRTA has notified Rep Peake we endorse her position and support vigorous reform efforts, specifically those aimed at the passage of  House Bill H311/S Bill 1856.

Click here for the final language on the Bill on Homeowners Insurance Reform.