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Town-Wide House Size Cap Favorably Viewed by Majority, Gains Momentum

A recent survey of Truro full and part-time residents shows strong support (82%) for a Town-wide house size cap modeled on the similar cap passed for the Seashore District last year.  Combined with a thorough process of public discussion and a well -thought out campaign by OneTruro to educate and inform residents using flyers, LEGO displays and one-on-one chats at the  weekly Truro Farmers’ Market, momentum is building to support the cap  though debate continues on the details.

A recent letter in a local newspaper by Town elder, Joan Holt, eloquently and evocatively captures it well:  Truro must say enough to standing out via excessively large houses and instead return to “fitting in” through more modest home size. “First, [Truro] must embrace the concept of ‘enough’, she wrote.  “When the residents of a community have enough, but not excess, the community will be healthy and sustainable.”

The Planning Board is in the final stages of public discussion before submitting its final draft article for inclusion in the Fall Special Town Warrant.  An open issue remains whether to include ADUs  (Accessory Dwelling Units) in the proposed caps or add 1,000 sf (the max ADU size) to that cap.  A vocal minority wants the latter.