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Mill Pond Road Debate | Learn. Participate. Be Heard. | Updated 6 Mar 2023

Truro is proposing to close a portion of Mill Pond Road, generating much community debate.  Opposition is strong to this effort  (nearly 900 people to date have signed a petition opposing this action).    Other voices have weighed in about the need to recognize the natural forces at play in this low-lying area and the difficulty or preserving safe road passage as sea level rises.

This deserves open discussion and informed debate. 

In the next two months, there will be several committee presentations and at least two public hearings.  Learn. Participate. Be heard!

Public Forum

March 8 | Information Session  and Public discussion | 5 PM | LIVE at the Community Center

Note the DPW project will also be discussed at this March 8 Forum 

Public Hearing

March 28 |  Select Board meeting and possible decision on project

Informed Participation  Aids

We hope you will become informed and participate in this conversation.   To help, we provide links to several valuable resources below.  And here is the coming schedule off public meetings on the matter:

Many Voices –  Get Informed

To learn more about the views on this issue, we refer you to a few sources:

  • Save Mill Pond Road provides information on the road, the proposed Town action, and alternatives to the Town’s proposal.  The link is https://savemillpondroad.com/  You can also Facebook Save Mill Pond Road as well to monitor actions and get updates.
  • Truro Tide Mill Institute –  Tim Richards, of TTMI,  has recently made an hour long presentation on Tide Mills in the Pamet Harbor area.  It gives history, impacts and modern alternatives to capture tidal energy (as Tidal Mills did historically).  You can watch his  ZOOM presentation here –  the  passcode is  U7@iNpi3.
  • The Woods Hole Group prepared a technical report for MA Division of Fish & Game on the Mill Pond Restoration in June 2022,   providing interesting historical, conceptual  and natural background as well proposing several options in its closing section.


Road closure is a Select Board decision.

Road abandonment requires voter approval at ATM.

The Select Board has not decided approach to date.

Prior Committee Hearings –  see  the Truro website for agendas and additional details

February 6 | 5 PM –   Conservation Commission |  DPW Director presents the Mill Pond Restoration report | online

February 7 | 4:30 PM –  Board of Health | online

February 16 | 10 AM –  Climate Action  Committee | online

February 16 | 3 PM – Harbor Commission | live

TBD |  Shellfish Commission