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Neighbors Appeal Cloverleaf Decision

On February 25, an appeal was filed challenging the ZBA decision to grant permits and weavers to the Cloverleaf Project.   The overarching bases were challenges on the basis of public safety and health in both wastewater and parking safety. You can read more about the appeal here, as reported in the Cape Cod Times on 2/26.

As with Pond Villagers who actively raised some of these same concerns, counsel for the Appellants is reported to say that they “want to see the Cloverleaf project proceed.  They also want to see that the project is built on a scale that ensures the safety and health of future residents, their neighbors and themselves.  The current design and conditions as approved simply do not do that yet.”  He further suggested that these concerns “can be remediated quickly if parties are willing to discuss the matter in good faith, in or out of court.”  He also suggested more appellants may join the case.

At the time of posting here, the appeal document has not been posted on the Town of Truro “Cloverleaf” information section of the website.  When available we will post that link.