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Truro MA, 02666

NEW FEMA FLOOD MAPS –  “Change of Designation” Deadline ends October 17, 2013

FEMA FLOOD MAPS were re-issued in May, as we previously informed TNRTA Members. (See “May 21: item, below). The comment and appeal period for these preliminary flood zone maps ends OCTOBER 17, 2013.  Anyone living near  tidal waters – on the bayside, oceanside, Pamet, Bound Brook, etc –  should take a look at these maps. If your property falls into one of these flood zones and you wish to challenge the map, you must do so by October 17.   FEMA will only consider hard engineering, scientific and/or other types of studies to demonstrate that the new preliminary maps are not correct.  “Don’t like it” appeals will not be effective.  Please take a look, see if your property is effected, and then determine what is best for your property before the deadline is reached.   If you wish to seek a change in the flood zone designation for your property, please see this link for how to do so:  http://www.fema.gov/media-library/assets/documents/23764?id=4938.   An appeal is a complicated and detailed process.   Charleen Greenhalgh, Assistant Town Administrator/Planner (planner@truro-ma.gov) or Thomas Wingard (tjwingard@truro-ma.gov) or at 508-349-7004 (at x-27  for Greenhalgh and x-33  for Wingard) may be able to assist you as well.
If you decide to file an appeal, you MUST send it in HARD COPY TO ARRIVE BY October 17 to EACH of these persons:
  • Charleen Greenhalgh, Asst Town Administrator/Planner, Town of Truro, P.O. Box 2030, Truro, MA 02666
  • Brian Caufield, STARR, 50 Hampshire Street, Cambridge, MA 02139
  • Kerry Bogdan, FEMA Region 1, 99 High Street,  6th Floor, Boston, MA 02110
  • Alex Sirotek, STARR, 99 Hight Street, 3rd Floor, Boston, MA 02110
  • Rich Zingarelli, MA DCR, 251 Causeway Street, Suite 800, Boston, MA 02114.
Charleen Greenhalgh has graciously offered to send your FOUR hard copies  to the four other recipients IF SHE RECEIVES THEM BY OCTOBER 10TH at 4 PM.   She cannot take responsibiilty for late filing.