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Nitrate Pocket Card from Truro Water Protectors

The Truro Water Protectors has made a Nitrate Pocket Card available that clearly shows the links between nitrate levels in well water and adverse health consequences, including cancers and non-cancer diseases.  The bottom line: The higher the level of nitrates, the greater the risk of serious disease.

This card will be helpful in understanding potential effects of nitrate contamination and the likely incidence of other contaminants for which nitrate serves as a “marker.”  However, it is important to note that increasing nitrate levels does not mean illness will occur with any certainty, only that risks increase as nitrate levels increase. Many other factors play into our health.  Monitoring and managing nitrate levels is just one of the things we can do in Truro to stay healthy.

We encourage you to get your well water tested for nitrates regularly (once a year).  If you have a home in Truro, you can obtain a free testing kit from Truro Water Protectors by contacting them as noted on the Nitrate Pocket Card.  You  can also call or text 508-296-0007 and request a free test.

In other words, be vigilant, be smart and be informed about nitrates.