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Proposed DPW | Town Hall Hill | Independent Review for Consideration

     The proposal for a new  DPW is under review and a public presentation by the DPW Director on this topic is now scheduled for March 8th at the Truro Community Center (Live/Remote/Streamed).  This topic is estimated to start at 6:30 PM
     To help prepare for informed participation, we provide the attached, independently prepared document with this valuable perspective concerning proposed renovation and re-build of the DPW at Town Hall Hill to supplement the public documents which the Town will release.
     We received the site review commentary from Mark Dickinson, a (former) part-time Truro resident, a retired (but still active) professional and experienced developer of large infrastructure in the Commonwealth.  He prepared this based upon a review of the Weston & Sampson reports and analyses available on the public record.


     Mr. Dickinson offered his views to us because of his concern about the taxpayer impact of the plans as proposed by W&S, now in excess of $28 million, not including debt service costs.


     Mr. Dickinson was also motivated by his view that keeping it at the current site and consideration of several modifications is both preferable from a structural and functional perspective and more acceptable to taxpayers because of reduced costs, minimized adverse environmental [and other impacts], and near and long-term benefits to the Truro Community.


     These are his views which we pass on in good faith. TPRTA has previously transmitted this to the Truro Select Board, the Truro Conservation Trust, Walsh Committee Chairs, and homeowners’ associations affected by proposed sites for the DPW.


     It is our understanding that this document has been considered useful and informative as part of this conversation.