P.O. Box 324
Truro MA, 02666

Registering to Vote in Truro

Many folks have asked about registering to vote in Truro in order to have their individual voices count at the ballot box in Truro and at Truro’s annual All Town Meeting.  For those who are eligible to vote in MA and have a home in Truro, the process is simple.  First, complete the form here, answering all questions accurately.  Instructions are found on the last page of this form.  Second, mail or drop off the completed form at the office of the Truro Town Clerk | Truro Town Hall | PO Box 2030 | Truro, MA 02666.  If you do not hear from the Town Clerk within 2 -3 weeks, please call the Town Clerk’s Office at 508-349-7004.  You must register to vote at least 20 days before the date you intend to vote on.  You can also register online through the MA Online Voter Registration portal or the Mass RMV portal.  Follow instructions on those sites.