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TNRTA Forum and Research

This year, a question arose over the winter about year-round condo use.  Several voters had quickly drafted a proposed article, and the tight schedule allowed just a few weeks for public review. TNRTA was joined by many agencies and individuals asking for more time to review and understand the impact of this article, which did not pass at ATM and cannot be re-submitted in the same form for another two years.

We have heard from condo-owning members over the years about their views, which are divided. And voters have their own concerns and diverse views.  Mostly, what we face are questions and what we need is fact-driven information to help all sort out the issues and make informed positions and votes.

So TNRTA will proactively seek answers to some of those questions, starting this year with environmental and water issues.  TNRTA will engage professionals and experts in assessing the potential impact, if any, of year round condo use on Truro’s environment, ground water, and wastewater. We will also ask members at the Annual Meeting if we should host a forum on this issue this summer or wait until this expert evaluation is completed, so we may comment and discuss.

We anticipate in the near future moving on to other important aspects of this issue, including the impact on taxes, zoning regulations, and the like so that all taxpayers have a better informed and factual basis for considering the options on condo use.

 We will keep you posted.