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Truro MA, 02666

TNRTA Name Changes to Reflect Community

At our 2016 Annual Meeting, members unanimously voted to change the  public name (“d/b/a”)  of our organization, though it’s incorporation name will remain unchanged.  This decision was made to reflect a few things important to the more than 90 attendees.   The term “non-residents” is a negative term and it does not really reflect our sense of community or our residency status. Part-time residence has changed over the years and has become more fluid as part-timers spend more time here over extended periods and many “year-rounders”  spend more time away as snow birders.  Further, our sister organizations on the Cape and in other parts of the State more frequently use the term “part-time residents” and this term serves as a better keyword for online searches.  So going forward we will use the name Truro Part Time Resident Taxpayers Association –  TPRTA for short.   Our email will be tprta@tprta.org and our new website will be www.tprta.org.   We will also add new features to the site, including electronic payment in the near future. Not to worry, the “TNRTA”  email and web addresses will still work for 2017.