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Town Warrant | Draft Articles | + SB Votes on Mill Pond-Mar 28

On March 27, the Select Board published the Draft Town warrant as part of its March 28th meeting packet.  This agenda includes a vote on the Mill Pond Project.

The Town has engaged in a full court press to create a breach and close Mill Pond Road over it  (‘Option 4″).  See

Citizens have engaged in a vigorous opposition to oppose the breach  with more than 900 signing a petition to oppose this and large attendance at public meetings to discuss the project.  They recommend replacement with a small culvert  (“Option 2”)  that maintains the road.

Per the linked agenda, the Select Board is slated to vote on this on 3/28

At the same meeting, the SB will vote to put forward all draft warrant articles.  These include those supported by the Town, by specific committees, citizen’s petitioned articles.

There are MANY articles meriting specific review and we urge citizens to review these carefully for tax impact, environmental impact and participatory government.  Of special interest are the draft articles on these topics  (article numbers will be assigned once the warrant is approved; page numbers in draft cited in the interim:


Article X: Amend Zoning Bylaw §10.4 Definitions – Street Definition and Add New Bylaw §30.11 Regulating Streets and Frontage /p. 54

Article X: Amend Zoning Bylaw §40.1 Duplex Houses and Apartments; and §30.2 Use Table / p. 60 


Article X: Comprehensive Out-Of-School Program- Petitioned Article / p. 63

Article X: Community Livability & Sustainability Article- Petitioned Article / p 64 Article X: Dog Restraint Regulations- Petitioned Article / p 66

Article X: Mill Pond Tidal Restoration Project- Petitioned Article /p 67

Article X: Amend Zoning Bylaw 50.2.B.2 Building Gross Floor Area for the Residential District- Petitioned Article / p 68

Article X: M.G.L. Chapter 43, Section 10; Section 5-4-2 Town Charter- Petitioned Article /p  69   (to amend appointment process of the Library Director)