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Truro Re-Opens Discussion of Tax Shift to Part-Time Residents

Last year the BoS floated the idea of a residential tax exemption for all year-round homeowners that would entirely be shifted onto part-time residents.  Provincetown along with three other towns on the Cape and Islands have adopted this provision based on State law,  but other Towns have rejected this option.  This is not a “means-tested”  [needs-based] exemption, rather it would simply divide properties into two classes:  year-round (Truro as principal address) and part-time (principal address elsewhere).

In two meetings last summer, about 150 part-time taxpayers expressed their opposition to such a measure.  The BoS has promised this year to have discussions with TPRTA and a possible public hearing on this topic before deciding whether to implement this provision.

TPRTA will be actively seeking members opinions, but is first trying to sort out the facts:  What does the law provide?  Is it applied appropriately?  Who will it affect either way, how and how much?  What are the alternatives to give financially strapped members of the community property tax relief? Have existing needs-based exemptions been applied fully? And how does this affect spending by the Town?  These are just some of the questions for which we will seek answers over the summer.