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Kline Settlement Monies – Comments Requested

The Kline settlement affords a significant windfall in the short run and a sustained infusion of funds over the next 10 years. How should Truro use these funds? The TPRTA Board is considering proposing six different uses for these monies for the Town and voters to consider, either as a single use or a mixture.
Two of the greatest needs in town relate to water quality:
  • Repair of the clapper and pipe between East Harbor and the Bay at Beach Point – should this collapse the tidal flow to East Harbor would cease and East Bay –  would quickly change from a thing of beauty to a swamp.
  • Over half of the properties in Truro have pre-Title V septic systems, representing a threat to our water supply, health and environment. This suggests the Town could create a tax assistance program to incentivize all (non-Title V septic) property owners to upgrade to Title V septic systems, topography permitting.

Other options might include

  • General tax rate relief for all taxpayers, till the fund is depleted.
  • A reserve fund to reduce or eliminate Proposition 2 1/2 over-rides in the future.
  • Increase Community Preservation Act monies annually, to include all categories including affordable housing.
  • Capitalization of the New DPW facility – to cover the cost of building the new DPW and amortizing the costs over time.

Suggestions, comments, other options? Send your thoughts to us at tprta@tprta.org by February 6. Thanks.