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Walsh Property | Town Survey Requests Feedback

Here we provide a link to the Town’s “Walsh Property” survey on the composition of the committee and the process that will lead to development of the planned uses for that property. Please complete the survey if inclined. We encourage you to support true community-wide participation by including part-time resident taxpayers on the committee.

Jan Worthington, Chair of the Select Board, has encouraged all part-time residents to voice their views about the composition of the required “citizens’ committee” and the committee’s process to lead the community in developing plans for the uses of the Walsh property. As the town website states:

The committee will lead a community wide process, beginning in June 2019, to engage a wide range of Truro residents in developing plans for the use of the property to be presented at a future town meeting for approval. We are seeking your input into the formation of the committee and the structure of the community process it will lead.

This property, nearly 70 acres in central Truro, was the topic of a community forum on June 27, followed on by a community survey. Ms. Worthington also spoke about the property and this process at our July 6 Annual Meeting

A few notes:

  • The survey is simple and short
  • Name, email address and affiliation are optional. The survey is anonymous.
  • FYI, if you are curious about the Forum’s comments, make sure you read the responses from the June 27th forum before you submit your survey! Once you take the survey you can no longer see the responses from the forum.
  • Keep us posted at tprta@tprta.org   if you have questions, comments or concerns.