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ZBA Approves Cloverleaf Project | Conditions Apply | Wastewater Limits Set

On February 5, the ZBA approved the Cloverleaf project, granting it the permits needed to proceed with development.  The scale of the project remained largely intact  (at 39 units) and included several modifications resulting from vocal concerns expressed by community members on the type of wastewater system used, contamination impacts from wastewater discharge and the cap on nitrates permitted in the wastewater.

Importantly,  the community participation resulted in the ZBA establishing 5 mg/L for nitrate concentration on wastewater over a rolling 12-month cycle (i.e. the last 12 months, once operating) and triggers for remediation and enforcement if any incident at or over 10 Mg/l of nitrates occurs.  This is an important step forward to protect and ensure safe and healthy water in Truro.

You can read the Decision here.   Appendix A  contains a list of all documents reviewed and submitted.  Appendix B contains approved waivers.

There is a 20-day period in which to file an appeal.  Thus, these documents are marked “draft” and can only be “final” if no appeal is filed or at the end of the appeal process to reflect whatever Court decision may result.

You can also fins links to the full set of documents on the Town website